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Thought Spiral

Oct 30, 2017

Bad radio drama, "MyPillow Guy" hits the road, deconstructing "The Six Million Dollar Man," bitter tigers, and much more spiraling.

Oct 23, 2017

The Case of the Missing Camry, Andy Goes to MSNBC, Josh goes to the “doctor,” Foster Brooks in “It’s a Wonderful Life” and much more spiraling.

Oct 16, 2017

Andy goes to the L.A. Podfest, Josh hates Halloween, Andy’s early TV crushes and more spirals aplenty.

Oct 9, 2017

This week’s spirals include: Re-scoring “The Graduate,” dealing with tragedy Twitter, Andy as pitchman, the delicate art of dark jokes, and much more.

Oct 2, 2017

Andy's love of musicals, celebrity gifting, Josh's breakout tweet, dental nightmares, and much more spiraling.